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Henry Cartier-Bresson began capturing what he later termed" the decisive moment" around the same time that the surrealist were at their interwar peak.Geert Goiris possesses the uncanny ability to fuse the iconic force of Cartier Bresson's pictures whit the imaginative strangeness, if not the drama, of the Surrealist's work.
Brian Sholis

Photos By Geert Goiris

lunes, 23 de mayo de 2011

June 8, 1968

On Saturday afternoon, June 8, Kennedy's body, as President Lincoln's 103 years before, was carried by a funeral train from New York to Washington. As they had for Lincoln, many thousands - perhaps, for RFK, a million people - lined the tracks. The coffin, on a bier close to the floor of the observation car, could not be seen by bystanders. So Kennedy's pallbearers lifted it up and placed it, a bit precariously, on chairs. Along the route of the train, Boy Scouts and firemen braced at attention; nuns, some wearing dark glasses, stood witness; housewives wept. Thousands and thousands of black people waited quietly in the heat, perhaps because they lived close to the tracks, but also because they had felt for Kennedy, and knew they would miss him. "Marvelous crowds," said Arthur Schlesinger, staring out the window as the train slowly rocked south. "Yes," said Kenny O'Donnell. "But what are they good for now?"
Evan Thomas

Photos By Paul Fusco

miércoles, 18 de mayo de 2011

Things the Grandchildren Should Know

...But I never forgot what i learned when i read Ray Charles's book "Brother Ray" When i was teenager.He said you have to find that thing that's unique about you.And that was the mission I was on:to Keep whittling away until whatever it was that I had that was uniquely mine really started to shine...

...Pero nunca se me olvidó una frase que leí de adolescente en "Brother Ray", la autobiografía de Ray Charles.Ray decía que tienes que encontrar en ti mismo aquello que te hace único.Ésa era la misión en la que me había lanzado: seguir puliendo mi trabajo hasta que lo que quiera que fuese exclusivamente mío empezase a relucir...

...Again,I just don't understand why some people want everything to sound like what They expect. Life´s too short for such boring predictability.You are boring sir...

...Una vez más, sigo sin entender por qué hay gente que quiere que todo suene tal y como ellos imaginan.La vida es demasiado corta para ser tan aburridamente predecibles.El aburrido es usted,caballero...

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