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Octubre 8 Lunes

No elijo, respondo al momento, reacciono a la vida.Voy caminando por las calles y decido:"Ahora debería filmar".Reacciono a lo que veo..no es una cuestión de pensar.
Nada viene de aquí (señala a la cabeza), viene de .......es automático.

Ahí tomo mis decisiones.Es intuitivo..aleatorio, a veces.Un poco al azar.Y a ver que pasa.

El uso del azar también es una elección, por supuesto.Todo es elección y nada lo es realmente.Es de locos.

Esta predeterminado.Crees que eliges, pero no creo que haya elección.Tu crees:"Esto es lo que yo elijo",pero ya ha sido predeterminado por las circunstancias y por eso decides elegir eso.

Algunas decisiones se toman aquí (cabeza) y algunas aquí (corazón).

Y otras se toman allí (señala arriba)

Jonas Mekas

Guest , José luis Guerín 2010

Don't choose,I go by the moment,I react to life.When I walk on the streets and I decided:"Now I should be filming".I react to what I see... there is not thinking.

Nothing comes from there(notes to the head) comes from.....is automatic.
There I made my choices.Intuitive...random, sometimes. A lot of chance.And see what happens.

To use chance is also my choice,of course.Everything is choice and nothing is really choice.It nut's put it in that way.

Is predetermined.You think you are making a choice, but I don't think there is a choice.You think"This is my choice", but have been predetermined by circumstances and for that is why you decide to choose them.

Some choices are made there (cabeza),some choices are made there (heart).

And some choices are made there (cielo)

Guest , José luis Guerín 2010

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Richard Learoyd

Tatiana in Red With Green Chair

nancy nude in white chair

headless woman

jemma nude

Process of his work

Pictures by Richard Learoyd

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For over a decade Léonie’s mother Bron found it impossible to empty the packing boxes which had filled her new home since the collapse of her first marriage. The boxes, along with packed plastic bags and accumulated artefacts from her former life, were a constant, physical reminder to her family of Bron's long-running battle with OCD.

In 2007, a deal was struck: Léonie would help Bron empty the house on the condition that she be allowed to document that process.

In the Shadow of Things is the product of the months that Léonie spent with her mother as together they tried to tackle the irrational rituals and behaviours that were dominating her life. Opening the boxes and clearing out the rooms led to moments of anguish and anger, but also of humour, tenderness, and joy.

The book combines original photographs with found family images and transcripts of conversations, arguments and monologues. The result is an honest and intimate portrait of a family dealing with mental illness, a reflection on the power of the past, and a testament to the bond between a mother and a daughter.

pictures by Leonie Hampton

Selection of Work