sábado, 30 de julio de 2011

My World by Edward Burtynsky

Edward Burtynsky

Urban Renewal #6, Apartment Complex, JiangjunAo, Hong Kong, 2004

Suburbs #3, with quarry North Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 2007

Ford’s Highland Park Plant #2, Assembly Line Corridor Detroit, Michigan, USA, 2008

Old Factories #1, Fushun Aluminum Smelter, Fushun City, Liaoning Province, 2005

Manufacturing #17, Deda Chicken Processing Plant, Dehui City, Jilin Province, 2005

Manufacturing #11, Youngor Textiles, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, 2005

Oil Fields #10 McKittrick, California, USA, 2002

Highway #5 Los Angeles, California, USA, 2009

Highway #2 Los Angeles, California, USA, 2003

Bonneville #1 Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, USA, 2008

sábado, 2 de julio de 2011

Bored Couples

FINLAND—On a ferry between Helsinki and Stockholm, 1991.

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, 1992.

MALLORCA, Spain, 1993.

MALLORCA, Spain, 1993.

MALLORCA, Spain, 1993.

FINLAND—A bored couple on a ferry, 1991.

UNITED KINGDOM—Windsor Safari Park, 1990.

KOTKA, Finland,1991.

NEW BRIGHTON, United Kingdom,1985.

TENERIFE, Spain—Playa de las Americas,1993.

Pictures by Martin Parr